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Dental Lebanon

Our dental clinic in Lebanon was established in 1998 and started operating in 2000

An incredible, experienced and specialized team provides you with the most effective oral cleanliness possible. A variety of specialists are devoted to offer you the most effective treatment that dentistry can offer. Our dental clinic is high end and fully accomodating to the patients. We use the latest state-of-the-art technology to administer top dental care.

Whether you’re in for a teeth check up or cavity treatment or any other dental issue, you will be received and welcomed in our friendly atmosphere and you will surely get the best dental treatment.

General dental practitioners are experts at eliminating oral health problems. Although general dental practitioners provide mainly preventative care and minor restorative therapy, they are frequently able to carry out a huge variety of dental methods, including cosmetic remedies. Our dental practitioners acquire additional dentistry education by attending lectures and getting involved in workshops through by continuous training programs.

General dentistry covers an array of methods. For example, this could range from the initial consultation to diagnostics. Our experts, the very best dentists in Lebanon, will use numerous techniques to determine which is the most suitable treatment for your teeth

Dental Veneers

We offer the key factor cosmetic services including tooth veneers, porcelain veneers and composite veneers.

Using this extensive set of remedies and approaches, our services are personalized to satisfy your requirements.

We provide three different dental veneer options: Porcelain Veneers, Luxurious Composite Veneers or Standard Composite Veneers.

Tooth veneers provide what you would like for several cosmetic dental work issues including: Chipped and Uneven Teeth  Discoloured Teeth  Gappy Teeth Damage Triggered by Nicotine gums And Teeth  Short Teeth and Small Teeth

Smile Makeover

Enhancing the look of your smile could make this type of difference.  This really is frequently accomplished through a number of cosmetic dental work methods for example teeth bleaching, porcelain veneers, and gap filling.

Our approach and suggestions consider many aspects including: the teeth colour, alignment and spacing, existence of chipped or damaged teeth, and then any individual tooth discolorations.

We always take time to listen and also to explain the choices.  Regardless if you are seeking a subtle natural look, or perhaps a more extensive smile redesign, then speak with us regarding your needs.  We’ll explain your treatments and assist you in choosing the very best solution for you personally.

White Fillings

Whitened teeth fillings give a easy and simple method to enhance the natural appearance of the teeth.

A grin could be greatly enhanced simply through changing your older black/silver teeth fillings with new whitened, tooth coloured teeth fillings.

With the plethora of composite materials currently available, teeth teeth fillings are now able to subtly blend together with your natural teeth colour.

Composite Bonding

Dental composite connecting, much like composite veneers, are perfect for repairing chipped or cracked teeth, hiding small gaps, and masking any unsightly teeth stains. This advanced procedure, while using latest in connecting techniques and specialist skill, offers the perfect means to fix many cosmetic dental work issues.

A tooth coloured composite is carefully put on the top of tooth after which formed, contoured and polished to supply a natural look and finished.

Using present day technological developments in composite materials, connecting supplies a quality and difficult putting on solution, while delivering a beautiful and tooth like appearance.

Smile Makeover

Enhancing the look of your smile may extend beyond just the teeth. Sometimes your nicotine gums might have uneven or excessive tissue growth. The second is frequently referred to as a ‘gummy smile’.

Laser like gum recontouring may be the preferred strategy to such people. It’s a safe and price-effective method that rapidly corrects the look of the gumline through simply re-shaping and getting rid of excess tissue.

White Fillings

Everybody wants a whitened, healthy smile. Regrettably, everything doesn’t always go as planned. Stains and discolorations are-too-common dental issues, which describes why teeth bleaching is really a well known procedure. Regular dental exams and cleanings can defend against nearly all stains, however, many situations are outside your control. The straightforward act of getting older can establish stains, as well as other environment and lifestyle factors can too. The good thing is that many stains could be resolved through booking an appointment at dental clinic Lebanon.